Van Houtte Decaf Original House Blend Medium Coffee, 24 K-Cup Pods

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Keurig® K-Cup® refills, for use in Keurig® Gourmet single-cup home brewing systems, offer a perfect cup of any flavour every time. It allows you to offer a variety of flavours to your guests and family members without extra work. K-Cup® pods are portioned, controlled and sealed air-tight to maintain freshness and flavour. Simply place the K-Cup® in your Keurig® brewing system and the machine will force hot water under pressure through the K-Cup® for a great tasting cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. 

This medium roast decaffeinated coffee offers a light acidity, a slightly spicy flavour and a pleasant body. True to Van Houtte original recipe - only without the caffeine.

  • 24 K-Cup Pods

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