Brita Replacement Filter, 8-pack

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Brita® filter’s activated carbon and ion-exchange resin work together to transform ordinary tap water into healthier, great-tasting drinking water.  The Brita® advanced filter is new and improved to reduce chlorine (taste and odour) mercury, copper, cadmium and zinc.  Used in all Brita® pitchers;  1 filter can replace 300 standard 500 ml plastic water bottles and is better for the environment - no bottles to throw away.  Your filter is what cleans your water and improves its taste.
  • Brita ® filters are the only brand guaranteed to work in all Brita ® pitchers
  • 2 x faster to change: no pre-soak
  • No black flecks
  • Reduces the following harmful contaminants: copper, mercury and cadmium
  • Keeps a healthy level of fluoride, a water additive that promotes strong teeth (applies to fluoridated municipal tap water)
  • Better for the environment and for your wallet: one Brita® pitcher filter can replace as many as 300 standard 500 ml plastic water bottles
  • Sign up for filter-change reminders at
  • Remember to replace the filter every 151 L (about 2 months for the average family) to keep your water tasting great
  • Compatible with Brita Lake 2.4 L (10-cup) Pitcher with 2 Filters


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