D’Orazio Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 3 L (101.5 oz.)

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The bag-in-box system is designed to prevent atmospheric air from penetrating inside the bag, which maintains the product properties as if the package was never opened.
The art of blending is the art of extracting extra virgin olive oil from different cultivars harvested and milled together: Olivastro, Cima di Mola, Coratina, Leccino, Cima di Melfi, Picholine, Simona and Nociara. Mild, fruity, enhanced by herbaceous notes of leaf, grass and artichoke, typical of the Olivastro olive; almond notes, typical of the Cima di Melfi olive; medium perception of tomato and grass, typical of the Nociara olive; a sweet aftertaste of ripe olive pulp, typical of the Leccino olive and notes of hazelnuts, rocket and radicchio, typical of the Cima di Mola olive. Well balanced bitter and spicy notes in the aftertaste.
  • Product of Italy
  • Cold extracted
  • Unbreakable package
  • Eco-friendly package
  • Equipped with dispenser
  • 3 L

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